Your child’s birth month Defines His Future! Know-How

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Did you know that statisticians have found a link between a baby’s birth month and her personality, much like those zodiac sign predictions? Well, it’s true. Recent evidence suggests that the birth months influence a baby right from her attitudes towards life to the careers she will be inclined to when she grows up. So, while a baby might arrive in the world with nothing, she might be building a pattern of his life under the influence of the month she is born in. And, here we offer you a glimpse of your baby’s personality. So, take a look:

Children Born In January:

These children are happier as adults than as children. They appear to grow up at a young age. On the contrary, they seem to get younger as they age. These kids find it difficult to have fun. They’d rather spend time doing their homework than playing. You can entrust them with cooking dinner or babysitting. But, they will need some encouragement to be successful in life. They are normally responsible and follow a schedule. January borns seldom show emotions. They are ambitious, humble and hard-working. They can take some time to recover from being hurt. They are also stubborn and practical.

Children Born In February:

February borns are innovators and totally original. They don’t dance to anyone’s tunes. They are energetic, absorb information quickly, and are less responsive to a regimented program. They learn faster than their playmates, and this could get them frustrated. Such children value independence a great deal and turn out to be rebellious when restricted. They are generous to people and animals. They have a global mindset, and they want to do good for mankind. They are not hungry for affection or attention and are rather cold in nature. At times, they may also seem to be distant and indifferent. They have abstract thoughts, love making friends, but they rarely express it. Sharp, superstitious, romantic on the inside, they love entertainment and leisure and are spendthrifts.

Children Born In March:

Children born in March are intuitive, secretive, shy and reserved. They are so emotional that it could scare them. They are also scared of monsters and loud noises. But they use their creative mind to create imaginary worlds that are safer to live in than their natural ones. They are also honest, sympathetic and generous. As peace-loving people, they also love to help others but often forget to take of themselves. While they are appreciative of others and acknowledge kindness, they can be keen observers who assess others. They usually bottle up feelings and can be roused to anger easily.

Children Born In April:

April born children are risk-takers. They are very active, and unless you watch them, you don’t know if they are climbing or leaping off a roof. They like to start doing new things but usually lose interest quickly before they start something new. Ever enthusiastic, there is never a dull moment with the April borns. They display a range of emotions, from excitement to rage, and they are very talkative. They have a positive attitude and are extremely confident, self-motivated, bubbly. These kids are clever and have a good memory. They have the ability to cheer up others. They love leisure.

Children Born In May:

Practical, consistent and careful, May borns like to have scheduled in every area of their lives. They love collecting stuff. They are fond of clothes and foods at an early age. They also start making money at an early age. They value loyalty and are themselves reliable in saying or doing a thing. They are honest and consistent with their relationships with family and friends and expect reciprocation of the same. They also appreciate the fine things in life. Known to be stubborn, they are highly motivated and carry a firm standpoint. Though quick to anger, they are consoled easily. Often restless, they are also hardworking and high spirited.

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