Why are you going to feel better pregnant (and what to do to make it last)

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beautiful young pregnant girl in a long white dress and wreath on her head walking in a sunny summer park between the trees

Because a future mother is bright, radiant, pink of happiness, it is important not to taint this beauty. Tips and anti-worry kit to live your pregnancy with brilliance and showcase your beauty as a pregnant woman.

Why do we look so serene pregnant?

When you’re in love, it’s on your face. When we wait for a baby too! As if this fullness a little mythical related to the pregnancy was able to transfigure the future mothers. Until their eyes which, one notices it often becomes more serene and softer.
How does it explain? This aspect of happiness … and quiet strength are of course due to a psychological factor. In most cases, when a woman is expecting a baby, it is because she has longed for it. And after years of contraception, she ends a fundamental question about her ability to be a mother. Hence these feelings of assurance and calm in the face of a pregnancy experienced as obvious and rewarding. But the physiological aspect is also very important. Because when you wait for a baby, the placenta secretes a huge amount of progesterone. And it is par excellence the hormone of serenity! That which makes that in the first trimester especially, the future mothers have sleep, even during the day. The one that also gives them that inner light and that peaceful side.
How sublime is it? By listening to his body and … giving himself momentarily the right to be less effective. At work and at home. In short, by releasing ballast! By respecting as best as possible his imperative need of sleep and by granting himself moments of pause just for himself. In the program, the large relaxing baths with lots of bubbles in it and the application morning or evening – or better, both – of a moisturizing cream that compensates for dryness of the skin and fights against stretch marks by preventing the distension of tissues. Because it is proven, self-massage is like a gift that is offered to oneself: it stimulates when one feels flattened and soothes when one feels too much pressure!

Being tolerant of yourself and having fun

Prepare the child’s room, find the most appropriate child care, observe month after month the ultrasounds … Let’s face it, when we are pregnant, it is usually our future baby that occupies us 100 %. And if before even thinking of preparing your suitcase for motherhood, the first gift to be made was the special pregnancy vanity? Just to think of yourself. As for pampering, while the baby is built day after day, it is already a way to welcome him.

A body of beauty

Pregnant, no way to talk about diet. Balance, yes … frustrations, no. Excess of either, but of pleasure. Weight gain, inevitably. In a word, you have to eat right, choose quality foods to see your belly nicely round out over the months.

The virtues of massages

Feeling heavy? It can happen, especially in the last months of pregnancy. So to avoid this, we discover or rediscover the virtues of massage. Practiced by experts of pregnant women, they are mainly performed on the back, and also the legs to limit circulatory disorders often felt during pregnancy. As for the belly, leave it alone, or just touch it.
“Because pregnant women have special needs, we have designed for them a body care” Ritual while waiting for baby “, says Lydie Moreau, a beautician at the Spark Care, Sport & Spa Lucien Barrière in Enghien-Les-Bains. futon or on a table, in the lateral position with cushions for a perfect comfort, it lasts one hour, at the same time relaxing, energizing, draining, the massage is very enveloping and comforting, explains it. carefully, expectant moms feel relieved of their tensions and this kind of gravity peculiar to pregnancy. ”

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