Study Shows Women With Big Butts Tend To Produce Smarter Children

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If you have been stressing over having a little extra in the butt area, you will be interested in the following study.

Having a big butt is in at the moment. Between Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, it seems to be a trend that is on the way up. It isn’t only popular for Instagram pictures, however, science is interested in big butts as well.

A number of studies have surfaced recently about women with well endowed backsides and the results are sure to interest you.

According to research out of the University of Oxford, women with bigger butts tend to be healthier and smarter than those with smaller butts. They also linked a larger backside to having resistance to chronic illnesses and lower levels of glucose and cholesterol.

Another part from that study from Oxford has resurfaced and it shows an additional benefit of having a larger rump.

Researches have shown a connection between big butts and the IQ of your children. The conclusion? Women with big butts tend to have smarter kids.

One reason why this might be the case is because of higher levels of Omega-3 and other ‘good’ fatty acids in the bodies of women with larger derrières.

Babies rely on fatty acids for development and, since the fats in breast milk come from the lower body, babies who have moms with big butts tend to feast on more Omege-3.

There was a similar study conducted in 2007 and it showed how gluteofemoral fat was important for producing smart babies. The newer study adds some teeth to that former study.

Although this is good news for any woman with a larger than normal derrière, there is also something else to consider. Genetics and lifestyle will also play a part.

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If you want to increase your odds of producing a genius, stay healthy. Then again, it wouldn’t hurt to work on your glutes as well.

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