Single Mom Who Delivered World’s Longest-Surviving Octuplets Celebrates Their 10th Birthday

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In 2009, Natalie “Nadya” Suleman gave birth to one of the most famous sets of octuplets in US history via IVF treatment. The media bashed “Octomom” for having 14 kids in total, deeming her irresponsible.

Just one week after their birth, the Suleman Octuplets broke the world record for having the longest survival rate among a complete set.

Since then, the single mom has been working hard to change the public’s perception of her and her family. And now that the octuplets have hit a major milestone by turning 10 years old, she says she feels like she can truly be herself and prove her critics wrong.

Nadya says it’s still a struggle and raising 14 kids hasn’t exactly been easy, but she has no regrets. She and her kids live in a small three-bedroom townhouse outside Los Angeles. “Space is so tight that some kids sleep on the couch,” Inside Edition reports. “However, each of the kids helps one another and their single mom around the house by quizzing each other on homework, practicing their instruments and doing chores like cooking, laundry, and dishes.”

In this clip, Nadya invites viewers for a glimpse of the octuplets’ 10th birthday party. They certainly have come a long way since being thrust into the spotlight as newborns.

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