Shaving During Pregnancy: What To Do With Your Pubic Hair When Pregnant

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It’s been a while since my last post. I feel like it’s been forever. I’ve been busy with many things — running errands, taking care of a sick child, and a post-op feline patient. I just got our cat spayed finally and I got bitten pretty bad. And honestly, I just felt it was hard to get back to writing again after taking a break. But now I’m back and if there’s one topic I’d like to talk about, it had to be rather intimate — about shaving during pregnancy.

When I was pregnant, shaving was the least of my concerns. I didn’t think about it. Never gave it a thought. And I didn’t know that I should be giving it thought. It never crossed my mind until my friend mentioned it to me. After telling me the whys of shaving during pregnancy, I realized I needed to do it but I realized it too late because I already had a big bump.

Should you consider shaving during pregnancy?

Let’s face it. Many of us didn’t have a smooth pregnancy. I know I didn’t (and I know a friend who was miserable). I had to think about my weird cravings and satisfying my hunger, while at the same time be conscious of what I eat. Then there’s the dreaded morning sickness,  which, by the way, was really, really, really awful. So yeah, taking care of the bush was the least of my concerns.

But should you be shaving during pregnancy? Some say you should and others don’t think it’s necessary. But know that some hospitals require women to have their pubes shaved before giving birth for hygienic purposes.

As outlined by MomJunction, citing an article from PubMed Health, shaving your pubic hair during pregnancy helps for hygienic childbirth and reduces the chances of infection during an episiotomy. Clearing the privates also helps doctors perform sutures easier and it can also help with C-section deliveries.

DIY and Getting Help

Anyone who’s pregnant will understand what it feels like to have a huge belly. Among other things, it means waddling like a duck, difficulty getting up and of course, you can no longer see your knees. So, how then are you supposed to shave?

My friend, who brought the idea of shaving, told me that I may need to get help from my partner. Of course, that was a big No for me, which is ironic. Duh? But come on, it’s awkward to think that your significant other will do the shaving for you. But then would you rather have someone — a complete stranger — touch you and clear the bush? Yep, if you or your partner won’t do it, then someone at the hospital will do it for you – which is much more awkward.

If you want to DIY…

If you believe you can handle it yourself, then, by all means, do it but here are a couple of important tips to keep in mind:

Be in a comfortable and safe position – and that is by sitting.

I didn’t do this because I never thought about doing it while sitting. But you can and an adjustable shower seat would be a great thing to have. If not, you can just buy an electric razor, sit somewhere else and shave away without water.

Use a mirror.

You’ll be needing the help of a hand mirror since you can’t even see your vaj with your big belly. A fogless mirror would do the trick.

Learn to Let It Go

If you find that it’s really difficult to shave during pregnancy, or you just don’t feel the need to and you don’t care, then let it go (cue Frozen’s OST “Let It Go”). Don’t do it. There will come a time when you’ll just drop the thought and say, “who cares?” This was my mantra for many other things during the time when I was pregnant, although I got through with the DIY shaving during pregnancy.

If you can’t, just let the nurses or midwives do it for you. After all, no one really cares what your lady parts look during childbirth – except maybe you.

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Note: This article is based on my own experience as well as my mom friends’ advice regarding shaving during pregnancy. If you’re unsure about dealing with your pubes DIY, ask your doctor for advice.

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