Pregnancy Hacks Every Expecting Mom Should Know!

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Pregnancy is a beautiful season of anticipation and growth. However, it can also make your regular life a bit more complicated, to say the least. From the symptoms that we deal with on a daily basis to the things we must know and remember and to everything we need, it’s a lot!

1. Try a Sea Sickness Remedy!

I ran across the Sea-Band brand when I had heard pregnant moms using remedies commonly used against sea sickness to treat their morning sickness.

What I love about this morning sickness hack is that you are not doing anything or ingesting anything that would require your doctor’s approval.

The Sea-Band is an acupressure wristband and works by applying a small force via a plastic button on the elastic band to a pressure point on your wrist.

The only thing that I can say is that it can get a little uncomfortable at first and you might even experience slight bruising on the area where the plastic button presses if your skin is super delicate.

Otherwise, it isn’t such a hassle and I completely forget I am wearing one not long after I put one on.

Best of all is that it actually worked for me, so it’s definitely worth a shot if morning (or all-day) sickness is something you are struggling a lot with this pregnancy.

2. Nausea Popsicles?

Another way to combat pregnancy nausea is by grabbing a nausea popsicle!

A lot of the times the main reason we experience terrible bouts of all-day sickness is due to dehydration and an empty stomach.

But at the same time, we can’t seem to keep anything down.

That’s where these icy treats come in!

For some reason, our body handles cold foods very well even when we’re nauseous, which makes this pregnancy hack so much more amazing because who doesn’t like popsicles!

I have included a few yummy nausea popsicle recipes that I found, but any popsicle recipe with ginger or citrus will get the job done (you can even make up your own!):

3. A Trick for When You Can’t Button Up Your Jeans Anymore!

Want to extend the life of your jeans while you’re pregnant?

Check out this neat trick!

All you need is a tight hair tie.

1. First, you loop it through the hole where the button is meant to go.

2. Then, you take that end and loop it back through itself except on the other side, like this.

3. Once you have tightened it, you can use the free loop and secure it onto your button.

4. Wah-lah!

Now you can wear your regular jeans even when you can’t button them up all the way!

Just make sure that you wear a long enough shirt or tank top to cover up the zipper area!

The only problem with this hack is that it is best meant for the early stages of pregnancy as once you gain an extensive amount of waist circumference it won’t be very effective in keeping your pants up.

Speaking of keeping your pants up, alone, the hair tie doesn’t hold up well, however when combined with the next hack you’ll be able to wear your regular jeans well into your second and maybe even third trimester!

4. Use the Belly Band When Your Belly Really Starts to Grow

The Belly Band was honestly one of the best investments I made during my first pregnancy, and I’m back to using it again this second pregnancy.

It allowed me to keep wearing my regular jeans for all the way up to the third trimester without having to spend a single dime on maternity jeans until I absolutely needed them.

Why not just buy maternity jeans if you’re going to anyways need them?

Well, I’ll just say that I didn’t want to spend any money on anything maternity unless absolutely necessary because they tend to be pricier and it just didn’t justify itself seeing that I would only be able to wear them during certain periods of my life.

Another thing is that maternity jeans tend to run on the larger scale so even the ones that I have from my first pregnancy are too big to wear even during my second trimester.

I say it really all depends on you and what you’re ok with.

Because I had the Belly Band I was able to get through my entire first pregnancy having only purchased one pair of maternity jeans, and even those I got for a great price from H&M.

If you do choose to go the Belly Band route, you will find that doubling it up with the hair tie hack will prove very useful in keeping the appearance of buttoned jeans.

Here is the difference between me using the hair tie hack and not.

It’s a little difficult to tell due to the lighting (sorry!), but your buttons will bulge if not secured!

Regardless, you can always opt for longer shirts or sweater (depending on the season) to cover up the zipper flaps when even the hair tie hack becomes impossible.

5. Extend the Life of Your Pregnancy/Nursing Bra!

So first and foremost I want to say that buying a new bra(s) specifically dedicated to your pregnancy and the few months postpartum is a huge must.

You can expect your breasts to grow significantly throughout your pregnancy and even more if you end up breastfeeding.

Buying a comfortable bra that can grow with your breasts is essential to keeping your breasts happy.

That said, the best type of bras that you should look into are those that are wide banded, those that don’t have an underwire, and those that are made of cotton (especially for nightwear).

Buying a cup size greater is also a good rule of thumb!

Now if you really want to extend the life of your bra, make sure that it comes with an extender.

6. Cover the ‘Nips’ with These Slips

Pregnancy means your breasts grow (I don’t know about you but this was one of the things my pre-pregnancy B cup was kind of looking forward to, lol).

It also means that you will also experience a lot of tenderness and swelling, especially in the nipple area.

It could get so uncomfortable that you might even resort to a no-touch policy!

I didn’t have any issues when I wore my bra, but as soon as I took at off to try to give the growing ladies a break, I would notice how sensitive my nipples really were.

Any rubbing from my shirt or dress would set me off, so I either had to put up with the bra or just go shirtless (which isn’t such a bad alternative but that doesn’t exactly mean that nothing every touches your nipples even accidentally).

Well, that’s not until I had the random idea of using those silicone nipple covers meant for going out bra-less and preventing your nipples from showing through your shirts, and… they worked out great!

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