Pregnancy Food Guide: What to Eat and What Not To Eat?

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your bundle of joy is growing inside of your belly even now while you’re watching this video and to support the health growth you have to adjust your diet. Through the food you eat, your baby will get all much-needed nutrients for his or her development. In this video, I’m going to discuss diet tips you should bear in mind during pregnancy. 

Must-have nutrients during pregnancy are:

– Protein

– Folate

– Calcium

– Fiber

– Fat (healthy)

Foods you should include into your pregnancy diet are:

– Fatty fish

– Eggs

– Beans

– Sweet potatoes

– Whole grains

– Walnuts

– Greek yogurt

– Leafy greens

– Fruits and veggies of different colors. 

Avoid the following foods:

– Raw or undercooked food of animal origin

– Processed meat

– Raw vegetable sprouts

– Raw seafood 

– Soft cheese

– Liver and liver products.

More pregnancy diet tips you should know:

– Don’t skip meals, eat regularly even if don’t have appetite 

– Avoid alcohol

– Take prenatal vitamin supplements 

– Don’t follow any diet while pregnant 

– Gain weight gradually 

– Eat frequent, smaller meals.

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