Mom Sketches Breastfeeding Frustrations Into Magical Art

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With every baby, a mother is born too! Whether you are a first-time mom or a serial child-bearer, no two experiences will ever be the same. And no amount of planning helps either. So, what do you do? You just go with the flow and learn on the way. Still better, share your story and help the rest of us fellow mothers to tackle similar situations. Like how Joy Hwang, a mother based out of Los Angeles, did. When Hwang gave birth to her lovely daughter, Aurelia, who is now nearly 3, she thought she was well prepared to cope with the challenges of motherhood. Little did she know that destiny had planned something else.

According to Hwang, her first meeting with her daughter wasn’t even close to what she had imagined it to be. It was rather pretty awkward, much like a first date. This made Hwang look forward to breastfeeding her little doll more than ever. She thought breastfeeding would be the perfect way of bonding with her baby. But that wasn’t how it went. Both Hwang and her daughter spent quite a few sleepless and teary-eyed nights as she struggled with producing enough milk, but never gave up. Hwang had a complicated delivery, which hindered the production of her milk. A fact she discovered much later. When she turned to formula milk as the last resort, she started taking out her frustration in the best way she knew – through her drawings. Nevertheless, the result was astounding yet well-grounded and relatable. Titled ‘Mom Is Drawing’, here are a few of her drawings from her social media account:

1. The Action-Packed Nursing

Trust a baby to never stay still. Right from the onset, Hwang discovered that her little girl was one hell of an active child. From patting her mommy’s pudgy tummy to flailing her arms in the air, she did it all!

2. That Rough Night

How often all of us mothers have been down this road, haven’t we? Yes, those dreaded nights when the baby wakes up (again?) at midnight, all active and fresh. And no matter how many tricks you try, the baby will simply refuse to go back to bed again. Until, of course, at the crack of dawn!

3. An Ode To The Breast Pumping

If babies are famous for not letting go, then how can the mothers be far behind? This drawing sends out love to all those mothers who give up everything – rest, sleep, time – just to put in those precious minutes of pumping their breast milk! Respect ladies!

4. Favorite Nursing Position

No, we don’t mean the mother here. A mother generally likes to believe that she has a say when it comes to a comfortable breastfeeding position. But that’s really not the case. So, irrespective of how the mother chooses to breastfeed, the baby will always come up with some really creative and whacky favorite nursing positions.

5. The Air Kicks

Talk about taking the baby steps (pun intended) towards learning to multitask. With only the mouth being engaged, the hands and feet have a lot of learning to do, don’t they? Like some ‘swooshing’ air kicks!

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Motherhood is an all-encompassing feeling. It takes the whole of us to another level of loving, caring, and sharing. And a mother gives her best shot to everything – be it childbirth or breastfeeding. Eventually, it is the effort that counts and not the end result. So, if you are a mother who gave birth naturally or through a C-section; who breastfeeds or uses formula – remember that nothing takes away the fact that you are an amazing mother. Here’s raising a toast to all you wonderful mothers out there, including Hwang. Cheers, ladies! You all rock!

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