Mom overwhelmed: tips for finding free time

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“Overwhelmed: who are overwhelmed, overworked and unable to right a situation”. Never mind! Thanks to the advice of our specialist, you will be wrong with the dictionary and prove that you can be a great mom while giving you a little time.


Every morning, it’s the same thing: with one hand, you finish dressing your little one; on the other hand, you sign the notebook of your elder; in another hand, you put on your mascara; in another, you put on your shoes and help the youngest to do the same … It is as if, by dint of losing a foot, new arms had pushed you. But since your children do not want to see their sweet mother turn into a more terrifying creature than a Gremlin, stop everything. Breathe. And read the advice of our female and maternal coach.

Taking time for yourself is a vital necessity! Axelle Trillard, female and maternal coach

During her accompaniments with mothers, Axelle Trillard often hears them say that they have “lost in maternity”. However, “becoming a mother, it is absolutely necessary to continue being a woman,” she comments, and for that, it is essential to take time for oneself. This is not egoism, it is a vital necessity.

And to answer this “vital necessity” is not simple. According to our specialist, it would even be a “fight” requiring the greatest determination. So to win it, several methods can help you.

Mom overwhelmed! Tips for finding free time

On a daily basis, it is mainly a matter of “gliding” a few minutes of calm, in the middle of the storm:

By daring to say “no” to his child. “It sounds obvious, but by not systematically giving in to the demands of your child, you save time for yourself. ”

By giving him small missions (to make diversion). “Children need to change often so they do not get bored. So, on very short sequences, ask him to tidy his room or sort his books. This will make him responsible while occupying him. ”

By helping you with a timer. Another clever solution, set a timer on the duration of your choice (5, 7, 10 minutes). Explain to your child that until “ding”, everyone does what he has to do and that Mom should not be disturbed. An effective and playful technique, almost as subtle as the famous game “The King of Silence”)!

Taking advantage – really – of his naps. Napping is the perfect time to take care of yourself. So, resist (without feeling guilty) face the tears of your baby or the whims of your biggest (idem at bedtime).

And for moms who need more than a few minutes here and there (all moms, so), Axelle Trillard recommends in priority:

To identify his needs. “It can be useful to make a big list where you can distinguish your simple desires from your real needs. Develop professionally, take cooking classes, get involved in sports: we will probably not be able to honor all but we can choose one and set a realistic goal. ”

To discuss it clearly with your spouse, of course, but also with the children who are quite able to hear and understand the needs of their mother.

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