Long live oxytocin, the hormone of motherhood … of love and well-being!

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Happy mother with newborn baby

Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding … Oxytocin plays a key role at the time of the birth of the child, and right after. We tell you everything.

”The expert: Yéhézkel Ben Ari, a researcher in neurobiology, honorary director of the Institute of Neurobiology of the Mediterranean”

It facilitates pregnancy

Oxytocin works even before fertilization. Under the effect of contact and caresses, its rate climbs! This hormone participates in the ejection of sperm and contractions that facilitate the rise of spermatozoa. This decisive role played during sexual intercourse earns him the title of the hormone of love. Trophy slightly exaggerated, because happiness is not limited to a hormonal shoot!

Oxytocin remains discreet during the first weeks of pregnancy, in favor of progesterone, a hormone that prevents the occurrence of premature contractions.

Erased but effective, it circulates in sufficient quantity to facilitate the absorption of nutrients in the future mother.

Its reputation as a hormone of well-being is not usurped at all important moments of the day. It helps pregnant women to sleep. Without forgetting to lower their rate of cortisol, stress hormone.

It stimulates the contractions of the uterus

Its rate is increasing as the delivery approaches. It is she who informs the fetus of the imminence of the day J. Helped by this hormonal messenger, the mother prepares her future baby to be born, very shortly before the beginning of the work.

The placenta comes in reinforcement, secreting other hormones that will give the starting signal. It is no coincidence that the etymology of oxytocin, inspired by Greek, means “fast delivery”.

Indeed, it is essential to advance the baby to the exit; for this, it is fixed on the receptors of the muscle cells of the uterus, causing the contractions necessary for the progress of the work and accelerating the delivery. When the cervix reaches 10cm of dilatation (that is to say its full opening), it then gushes out in large quantities.

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