How to Soothe a Crying Baby?

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Are they hungry? You’ve fed them. Do they need winding? Do they need changing? Are they too hot? Too cold? Now what? They’re still crying. And that’s when I think you just, you feel like you’ve just lost your ability to mother at that point. You’re like, ‘what do I do now?! The book says –” It’s so distressing because everyone wants to be a good mum.


Sometimes a change of environment is what your baby needs, and actually what you need. Whether you are going to go meet your new mum mates and go have a cup of tea and a piece of cake or just walk around the block. Go to the shop, buy some milk. Some bread. So change of environment is always a really good one.


Is there a right and a wrong way to swaddle?

You just need to know what you are doing. So make sure you have done some research and have a look how to do it properly. Practice on a teddy or a doll. Always put your baby on their back and always make sure your baby isn’t overheated.

What about a dummy? What’s your view on those?

I think dummies are great! I’ve used dummies with some of my children, some of them rejected them and found their fingers. But I have used dummies in the early days. Most dummies now are orthopedic checks which mean they aren’t going to affect dental, teeth changes. Sucking is a reflex, its comforting. The Americans, they call them soothers after all. Dummies get really bad press but I think they are brilliant.

If you are breastfeeding, you just need to be careful that you are not using it when baby might be hungry which is why I would always say check the baby isn’t hungry first before you use it. But babies just want to suckle when they are tiny and you see that’s why babies often then find their fingers and thumbs to suck. So definitely try a dummy,


So dummies have their benefits?

They’re brilliant. Basically, you’re in control of it, aren’t you? Try the dummy and often with babies they might spit that out initially as they might not be sure what it is. But give it a go, obviously, make sure it’s been sterilized. And you may just find that that sucking is all the baby wants to do to get to sleep.


Is there anything to worry about in terms of breastfeeding and dummies?

Yeah! I would always recommend that you don’t introduce a dummy until breastfeeding is established. So, swaddle a baby. If in doubt, go out. Try a dummy. Try and be as calm as possible. Put the baby in a room for a couple of minutes. See if that helps.

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