How to choose your anti-lice for your baby!

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We hate them and they really rot us every day. We, therefore, arm ourselves for an effective fight, from the alert given by the nursery or the school!

Respect the age specified for the manufacturer

From 6 months, it is ideal when the baby goes to the nursery or the nursery, with a high risk of spreading lice. It also makes it possible to use only one product for all the children of the family.

Prefer natural products

Insecticide-type chemicals that are bad for health and the environment are avoided. Not to mention that the lice have become resistant! As a result, manufacturers have turned to vegetable oils and natural products based on essential oils (coconut, tea tree or lavender), which have an occlusive effect, therefore, asphyxiating on the lice and nits.

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Action or prevention?

There is no season lice, who live all year but some places are particularly conducive to their spread: school, swimming pool, colony … In case of an alert community, we apply a repellent. And if the louse still arrives on the head of your child, you must act very quickly because it will lay nits in large numbers! We renew the shampoo at least twice a few days apart to be sure.

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