Holding Positions Can Help Calm a Fussy Baby

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A baby’s cry is perhaps the first announcement of his official entry into the world. The experience of your baby crying for the first time is perhaps the most exciting moment for most parents after their child’s birth. 

During the first 6 months, babies cry because they have needs that should be met.  Sometimes it takes a while to find out what will comfort a baby and for him or her to become more settled. A “settled” baby can be much easier to care for than a younger, fussy infant. The “settled” stage usually starts around 3 months. 

Never shake your baby to try to make him or her stop crying! Shaking your baby can damage his brain.  You may have to try a few techniques before you find one that works to calm your baby. 

Time and again, we have found that when a mother changes her mindset from “fussy baby” to “high-need baby,” she feels better about being a parent. Being “high-need” makes her baby sound special, gifted even. 

In fact, parents who have survived and thrived with a high-need baby often tell me that their child grew into a particularly creative, communicative, and sensitive person. Finally, the term suggests what moms and dads should do: Give the baby more of what she needs.

About video: Experts say that certain holding positions can help calm a fussy baby.

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