Gentle C-Sections Rising in Popularity, But Are They Worth the Risk?

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There is an increasing in women choosing the primary’s C-section. A new birth method attempts to bring more closeness and connection to mothers and their babies. Family-centered or gentle C-sections are now becoming a new trend across the country.  What makes them different from the traditional procedure? Why do some think it could make C-sections too attractive? Gentle C-sections in try to mirror a natural birth as much as possible.

With C-section rates at 33%, that’s double what the World Health Organization sets as a target. Some of the most important time is right at the time of delivery for both mom and baby. Reporter: What used to leave mothers knocked out on the surgical table has become a more gentle inclusive process. When we prepared the baby and finish the caesarean, and keep that baby is close to mom as possible, I think they’re thrilled.

Reporter: He’s delivered dozens of babies

using the family centered or gentle C-section method and believes it’s a healthy alternative for those who want a low intervention birth but require a cesarean for medical reasons. I think you’re gonna see more and more people do this.  Reporter: Instead of cutting the umbilical cord and whisking the baby away, this new approach uses the immediate skin to skin contact and early breastfeeding associated with a natural birth.  But a doctor is concerned it could lead to an unnecessary increase in procedures. I think there is some worry about advertising campaign for a natural or gentle G-section because it can diminish the concern about overuse.

Reporter: There can also be some serious complications down the road, especially for women who have multiple children. One of the most important complications of a C-section is in the next pregnancy or after that, the plecenta will invade very deep into the muscle of the uterus. Reporter: While those doctors maintain a natural birth is still the best and healthiest way, they continue to brace for a shift in more delivery rooms across the country. Dr. Gilbert says another thing to keep in mind here is research that shows that babies who are born it naturally are typically more healthy than those born via C-section because they’re exposed to different types of bacteria in the birth canal that helps them.

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