Furious mum slams surgeon who she claims sliced baby girl’s head at birth

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A little baby girl has been left with a large scar between her eye and ear after a surgeon accidentally sliced her head at birth.

Emma Edwards’ daughter Karmen now has a four-centimetre scar on the side of her head as a result of the blunder.

The family has been left furious, with the scary error being investigated by the local health department.

Emma claimed the locum, or stand-in doctor, who made the incision as part of a cesarean section later said she had not been told that the mum was in labour as she performed the procedure.

Adding to her trauma, Emma also  experienced delays to the operation as well as a 24-hour wait for a plastic surgeon to come and stitch her newborn’s wound, according to The Sun.

The 21-year-old warned the mistake could have had far more frightening consequences and doesn’t want any other mother to experience what she went through.

The horrible accident

Emma’s ordeal during the birth was not the only stress experienced by the new mum. Her scheduled cesarean section was also cancelled and rebooked multiple times.

The couple claim they had to wait 24 hours for a plastic surgeon to come and stitch up the newborn’s wound. Picture: SWNS

She was booked into Raigmore Hospital in Inverness for a c-section on the morning of Thursday June 16.

Emma travelled with her partner, George McPhee, 26, for  two hours from her home in the Scottish town of Wick, Caithness, to the hospital, the day before their 8am appointment.

She waited all day on Thursday, then at 5pm staff came and told her they couldn’t do it because “there are too many emergencies”.

She was promised she would be seen first thing on Friday morning but no one came to see her until midday, so her cesarean was cancelled again.

“It was just a disaster from the start to the end,” she tells The Sun.

She went into labour before her planned c-section

The couple then returned to their home on Friday night planning to travel back to Inverness on Sunday so Emma could have her baby on Monday morning.

But at 3am her waters broke, so she went to Raigmore three hours later.

“When I went in I passed on to the midwife that my waters had broken at 3am and I was in a lot of pain, I was contracting, but they didn’t look me over,” she claims.

At 10am she went down to the birthing suite for her cesarean and “everything was fine” until they delivered the baby.

They rushed off little Karmen to the special care baby unit because they had cut her head open. The surgeon told her it happened because Emma hadn’t told anyone her waters had broken.

“I checked my medical records and it said that I had explained that,” she says.

A NHS Highland spokesman said an internal investigation is now being carried out into the incident at the hospital.

What is the risk of a laceration during a c-section?

The Birth Injury Guide reports a recent study of almost 900 women who underwent C-sections in the US showed that between 1.5 per cent to 1.9 per cent of the infants experienced cuts.

Risk factors that increase the chances of laceration during c-section include:

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  • Ruptured membranes before c-section
  • A previous low transverse uterine incision
  • Active labour
  • Emergency c-section (non-elective)
  • Surgeon’s lack of experience

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