Expert Response: “My baby has eczema, how to relieve it? “

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This mom is wondering how to relieve her little girl of 3 months and a half who has eczema on the face and what product to use. Our expert Arnaud Fernandez answers him.

The mother’s question:

“My 3 ½-month-old girl has eczema especially in the face and it itches, what product should I use to relieve it? ”

The answer to pediatrician Arnaud Fernandez:

“Indeed 3 months and a half are the age or atopic dermatitis begins. Constitutional eczema (to distinguish from allergic eczema) is a disease with two components: dryness and inflammation. Two treatments are therefore necessary: an anti-dryness (a fatty substance), that is to say a moisturizing cream, and an anti-inflammatory (cortisone-based ointments) On a baby of 3 months and a half it is first necessary to treat in a moisturizing way exclusively and it is only in case of failure that we will take a specialized opinion and we will introduce a cortisone ointment .. Never use cortisodium ointments in babies without medical advice.

Start by moisturizing your baby daily (or twice a day in winter) for example with XeraCalm Avène cream because it is a cream that has a check valve so that we do not return the germs to inside the pot. In winter I recommend a moisturizing cream a little more creamy that has an ointment formula, such as Galenic Cérat and bathe the child every other day with a short bath time and dry by dabbing with the towel without rubbing. What I advise is to have an annual hydration strategy, that is to say, it is necessary to moisturize the child all year and of course ban the soap. In contact with the skin it takes cotton and nothing else, and loose clothing, the body should be chosen by selecting the size above. ”

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