Expert Answer: “How is a breast pump?”

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This mother wanted to give his milk to his little girl but could not breastfeed. She has therefore opted for exclusive breastfeeding, but she has questions. Our lactation expert Véronique Darmangeat answers her.

The mother’s question:


I am a mother of a little flea of 2 and a half months and I opted quickly to the maternity for the exclusive breastfeeding. In fact, my daughter could not suckle, lost weight, and I still wanted to give her my milk.

I can not find any clear information about this breastfeeding method that combines many difficulties … And I often ask myself a lot of questions: my daughter quickly took a good amount of bottle-fed milk (she is currently 5 bibs 210 ml per day, it siphon to the last drop) but I have the impression that it is entering a period of peak growth … Without increasing its rations she took 2 cm and nearly 300 g in less than a week!

How to proceed with a breast pump? Should I shoot more frequently to produce more milk? Should production increase (and therefore the quantity of each bottle) or rather adapt in terms of composition? Will the amount requested by Baby peak time decrease after a few days or will it last?

I get back to work in a week and all these questions of volume bother me.

I thank you in advance for your response!

NB: For 1 month and a half I draw the ration of milk in 3 sessions:

– 1 draw in the morning of 450 cc

– 1 draw between 12h and 15h (depending on the possibilities and seems compatible with the return to work) from 220 to 300 cc

– 1 draw in the evening from 400 to 450 cc


The answer from our lactation expert, Véronique Darmangeat:


First of all, a big congratulations for your breast pump. Most babies eat an average of 750 ml of milk between one month and six months. Some eat a little more, others a less, but the amount remains stable and does not increase.

Currently your daughter takes more than a liter of milk a day, that’s a lot. As it is breast milk, it is not harmful for her to eat more than average, but it begs the question: How fast does your daughter drink her bottles? Indeed, the feeling of satiety when you eat comes after a quarter of an hour. If your daughter drinks her baby bottles in 5 or 10 minutes, she does not have time to feel full and therefore needs more milk.

You obviously have a large milk storage capacity, which allows you to draw a lot of milk in just three draws. Know that you are rather an exception … and you can enjoy: you do not have to shoot more often, which will be very convenient when you return from work.

Your daughter is not going to need more milk.
Your milk adapts to the needs of your daughter in terms of quality, as and when breastfeeding.
I wish you a nice continuation of breastfeeding.

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