Cute Twins Holding Hands on Their Father’s Chest

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The family of premature newborn twins in Australia captured a heart-tugging moment on video, and it’s gone viral around the world. New mom Anthea Jackson-Rushford posted a short video on Facebook showing the twins, Kristiana and Kristian, holding each others’ tiny hands as their father cradles them against his chest. This is the tear-jerking moment a pair of two-week-old premature twins clutch on to each others’ hands as they lie on their dad’s chest. The twins, Kristian and Kristiana were born when their mother Anthea Jackson-Rushford was just 29 weeks into her pregnancy, which means they were 11 weeks premature. The babies were born January 4 at 28 weeks, weighing in at “under a kilo,” or 2.2 pounds, each, their mother said. Recent research shows survival rates for babies born that young have been improving in recent years.  Skin-to-skin cuddling like their father was doing in the video — known as “kangaroo care” — has been shown to help boost preemies’ health and wellbeing.

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