Comics That Totally Capture What It’s Like Being Pregnant

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A picture is worth a thousand words! This saying is completely apt when it comes to pregnancy too. Pregnancy is such a wonderful journey that no amount of words can do complete justice to it. This is because despite being common, each pregnancy is unique to every woman. However, there still are a few moments that most of us can easily relate to. And what better way than a comical expression to share these moments. Here are a few such comics. Read through and smile:

The Longest Seconds Of Your Life

Remember that moment when both of you were anxiously waiting for the results of the pregnancy test? Those precious seconds were probably the longest seconds of your life where a million thoughts would have crossed your mind. But the entire tension was totally worth it when the second line turned pink, wasn’t it?

The Bouts Of Morning Sickness

Nausea and vomiting are very much a part of pregnancy. You knew it would come. Everyone told you so. But a few months of retching is a small price every woman is ready to pay to become a mother!

Pregnancy Diet Dos And Don’ts

The most common reaction to your pregnancy from almost everyone around you is the long list of pregnancy dos and don’ts. Something you’ll have to remember for the next nine months! Phew!

A Toy For The Elder One

Kids can be really imaginative. Every time you’ve told your older child that he/she was soon going to have someone to play with, chances are that your child completely believed that the ‘sibling’ was none other than a new toy!


Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. You may have never stepped out for a walk or exercised before this, ever. But pregnancy changes all that!


Ultrasound visits can become a regular affair during pregnancy, not only for the expecting mother but also for the soon-to-be father. And how can you forget that moment when you were shown the little heart actively beating for the first time? Surreal, wasn’t it?

Sleep Positions

Left, right, or center? No, we are not giving you driving instructions. The major physical changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy are bound to affect her posture and sleeping positions too. Despite varying suggestions, you will eventually find your own comfortable position to sleep in. After a lot of trials and errors though.

Frequent Toilet Visits

You’ve just been through one of the rounds and you feel like going again. Frequent poop and pee visits are the norm of the day during pregnancy!

Stretch Mark Worries

Ways To Ease Labor

Squat, stand, deep breathe, walk. Repeat. The various postures a woman will try to ease her labor. But inevitable, it is!

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