Can we prepare a baby bottle with tap water?

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What water to choose to prepare baby’s bottle? Is tap water banned or can it be used?

During the first six months, a baby’s diet is almost exclusively liquid. If you have opted for breastfeeding, your baby will not need water. At the beginning of the feed, breast milk contains more water, which quenches it. However, when you go to bottle, it is important that baby hydrates. Which water is best for baby? Whether to accompany baby milk or simply to drink it, your child needs water.

But his digestive system needs to be preserved. It is therefore recommended to give it drinking water that does not contain more than 50 milligrams of nitrates per liter, moderate amounts of calcium (hardness less than 25 g) in fluorine (not more than 0.3 mg per liter), or even in sodium (10 to 15 mg per liter). Does this mean that tap water is to be forgotten?

Yes or no to tap water for baby bottles?

Contrary to many beliefs, tap water can be perfectly adapted to the bottle. But beware it must meet certain conditions. To begin, inquire about the date of construction of your home: if it is before 1948, there is a great risk that your piping is lead … so to prescribe. In addition, do not hesitate to contact your town hall or the Departmental Directorate of Health and Social Affairs to make sure that your tap water is drinkable and suitable for a young child.

In France, water is adapted in 98% of cases. But before using it, you must also follow a few small rules. Start by opening the tap (descaled) and let the water run for a few seconds before filling the bottle. Make sure that the temperature does not exceed 25 ° C. Warning: Do not use water filters on the faucet head or carafe: they contribute to the multiplication of micro-organisms. As a precaution, before the 6 months of your baby, it is better, however, to boil the tap water and limit its use for the realization of milk bottles. Beyond six months and in the context of its dietary diversification, the nitrates it contains will be better tolerated by a baby.


Are bottled waters all good for the baby?

Some parents, however, remain reluctant to use tap water, either for babies or for them. Is bottled water a better option? This is not so sure. All mineral waters are not suitable for babies. Verify on the label that it is slightly mineralized (a dry residue content of less than 500 mg / l.) And that it is marked “suitable for infant feeding”. In addition, avoid fluoridated waters if your baby receives Fluorine daily.

As for its use, bottled water also follows some instructions. It must absolutely be consumed within 24 hours after opening and put in a cool place. As a reminder: never use sparkling water for babies.

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Last tip: if you do not have bottled water or drinking water on hand (if you’re traveling for example), boil your water bottle. After cooling, you can use it.

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