A Medical Miracle: Bangladeshi Woman With 2 Wombs Delivers Twins 26 Days After Having A Baby

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“Childbirth is nothing short of a miracle”! Whenever you’ve heard someone say this, you might have probably nodded in agreement for not knowing what to say. However, it is not too far from the truth. The process of bringing a new life into this world, all safe and sound, is certainly not an easy one. Which is why when an extraordinary delivery takes place in any part of the world, it makes news for all the right reasons. Take, for instance, the unusual childbirth that occurred in Bangladesh.

Sometime in late February this year, 20-year-old Arifa Sultana, a resident of Jessore, a rural district in Bangladesh, headed to her local hospital, Khulna Medical College Hospital, with labor pains. There, she delivered a healthy baby boy through normal delivery. At that time, the doctors at the hospital did not find anything unusual with her condition and she was soon discharged. But, within 26 days, she experienced unbearable stomach pain. When the pain persisted, she was taken to another hospital. The doctors at the second hospital found, to their astonishment, that not only did Arifa have two sets of uterus, she was also carrying twins in the second one!!

The doctors performed an immediate C-section on her and the twins – a girl and a boy – were both delivered safe and healthy. With no complications whatsoever, the mother was allowed to go home with all three healthy babies. Later, Dr. Sheila Poddar, the gynecologist who worked on Arifa’s case, explained that Arifa had no inkling that she was still pregnant after she had delivered her first baby boy. Thus, when her water broke again after 26 days, she thought it was stomach pain and rushed to the hospital. Dr. Sheila also shared how she and her colleagues were surprised and shocked at realizing that Arifa was carrying twins.

In fact, Dilip Roy, the chief government doctor at the hospital in Jessore where Arifa delivered her twins, pitched in to say that he too had not seen any case like this in 30 years of his medical career. Dr. Sheila further shared that Arifa and her husband hailed from a very poor background. Therefore, they could not get an ultrasound done before her first delivery. This is probably why she did not come to know that she was carrying two other babies

This condition that Arifa had – of two uteruses – is known in medical terms as uterus didelphys. This is usually visible during an ultrasound scan. However, due to their poor economic background, Arifa did not undergo the scan and hence missed her twin pregnancy.

After spending four days in the hospital following her second delivery, the mother and the twin babies, along with their elder brother, were discharged on March 25. The two baby boys were named Ifad Islam Noor and Mohammad Huzaifa, and the baby girl was named Jannatul Mawa Khadija. Arifa is obviously quite concerned about the well-being of her children due to the low family income. However, Sumon Biswas, her husband, was positive and grateful for having being blessed with three healthy children. He says that his children have been a miracle from Allah and will do his best to keep them happy!

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We couldn’t agree more with this joyful and optimistic father! Because childbirth, in this case, did prove to be a miracle considering all that Arifa had been through. Their real story has certainly warmed our hearts and reiterated our belief in the magic of motherhood. Here’s wishing these little angels and their parents the very best for their future!

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