9 Symptoms Moms Experience In The First Month Of Pregnancy

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There are a few women who plan for a baby for years together; dreaming about that day they will get pregnant. Whereas, there are few who go with the flow. At times, pregnancy just catches a woman by surprise. Whether or not you are actively making an effort to have a baby, the initial symptoms of pregnancy begin to surface within a span of few weeks itself.

If you are actively trying, you will make an effort to look out for the symptoms mentioned below. And, if you aren’t actively pursuing it, these signs can make you suspicious nevertheless. Here, we bring you a list of symptoms a woman experiences initially that can be indicative of pregnancy:

1. Dreams Become Vivid

Not only does pregnancy make you feel more tired, it can also lead to your dreams becoming more vivid. A lot of expecting mothers speak of this symptom, time and again. One reason can be the change in hormonal levels, which might affect your anxiety and emotions in general. It can also impact the manner in which you perceive your dream, thus, making it more frequent and vivid (1).

2. Tenderness In Chest

This is usually one of the first few symptoms that a woman experiences. You might be aware that a woman’s chest can grow rapidly during pregnancy. And, obviously, this sudden increase in weight comes with its consequences. Hence, your chest might become extremely tender and sensitive during this phase.

3. Cramps

This one can be quite a confusing symptom, mostly because the first-month-pregnancy cramps can seem a lot like period cramps. It might even make you feel like your period is around the corner. Though cramps can make a lot of women nervous, it mostly occurs due to normal changes like the baby’s development. But, if it becomes problematic, it’s always better to consult a doctor once.

4. Spotting

While there are a few who experience this symptom, others don’t. A few can have implantation bleeding that occurs during conception, but some don’t. This symptom can vary as each pregnancy is unique. If it happens early on, the flow will be less as compared to the menstrual bleeding, and the color might be different as well. However, you can always meet a doctor if something feels out of place.

5. Missed Menstruation

Considered as one of the more obvious indicators of pregnancy, a missed period can be a complete giveaway if you have a regular monthly cycle. But, yes, if your cycle isn’t that regular, then you need to look out for other symptoms too. It is always better to take a test if you have missed your period and you suspect something.

6. Nausea

Haven’t we all heard of that dreadful morning sickness during pregnancy? But, it’s hardly ever restricted to just the mornings. This nausea mostly starts in the morning and is a little worse. It just eases up over the course of the day but is still very much there. Its intensity can vary among different women.

7. Mood Swings

How can we forget this one? The hormonal changes and fatigue might lead to mood swings during pregnancy. However, the same happens when your period is around the corner. So, it is really easy to get confused between the two. If the mood swings continue for long, you can take a test!

8. Fatigue

One of the most common signs, fatigue was probably designed to ensure that an expectant mother gets her much-needed rest early on. It is quite common in the first trimester and usually returns late in the pregnancy. A lot of women can start feeling that exhaustion much before they put on that extra weight!

9. Risen Temperature

Your basic body temperature can tell you a lot about your monthly cycle, including whether you are expecting. But, to consider this as a sign, you need to chart your monthly cycle from the beginning itself.

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We hope this list helps you understand better whether or not you are pregnant. And, if your suspicions have become stronger after reading this list, maybe it is time to get the test done. All the best!

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