8 Persistent Myths About Pregnancy We Still Believe In

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When a woman realizes she is pregnant, the most important and exciting chapter of her life begins. But, this comes with its own share of stereotypes and prejudices. While some might be true, some might be just silly superstitions and myths.

Here, we bring you 8 superstitions and myths about pregnancy that has been believed for generations now:

1. Expecting Mothers Need To Eat For Two

As per nutritionists from the Institute of Medicine in the United States, a woman doesn’t need to intake any excessive calories if she is healthy. And, it is advised to consume an additional 340 calories approximately every day in the second trimester. Expecting mothers can add about 450 calories to their daily diet during the last trimester. These surplus calories should be consumed in the form of nuts, dairy, or lean proteins.

So, it is not about eating more as much as it is about eating healthy!

2. Women Become Stupid During Pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make a woman a little more sensitive and emotional than usual. But, most expecting mothers eventually pick up a new skill during this time. See, we won’t deny that the ‘baby brain’ phenomenon does exist. A pregnant woman’s brain might make an attempt to socially adapt to the new changes, including forming a bond with the little human growing inside her womb. Thus, making it difficult for women to multitask more than usual. And they can become a little more forgetful too. Stupid? Not so sure!

3. Ultrasounds Might Harm The Tiny Tot

As per doctors, it is advisable to undergo around three ultrasound scans during pregnancy if you are having a normal fetal development. These scans can be spread out through the three trimesters. More than this is only needed if there might be a possible threat to your infant.

Imaging in ultrasound takes place through high-frequency sound waves and does not contain ionizing radiations. With the help of these ultrasound scans, the doctor can detect complications beforehand and help both the mother and the baby in time.

4. Women Should Have Her First Delivery Before Age 30

If a 30-year-old expecting mother follows a proper diet, does enough exercise, and undergoes regular health check-ups, she is not likely to face any complications during pregnancy. Not any more than a pregnant woman in her 20’s. Problems and complications one faces during pregnancy are more to do with the body’s state than the biological age!

5. Craving For Salty Food Increases During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman’s body can try indicating the lack of minerals and nutrients in ridiculous ways. At times, even by a chalk-craving. One more reason why a woman feels the need to eat a particular thing is because of hormonal changes. This one is just an attempt to lift up the mood. So, an expecting mother will not only crave for salty foods but can also desire sweet or tangy stuff!

6. No Physical Work For The Next Nine Months

If a woman doesn’t have any pre-existing medical condition or health issue, it is advisable for her to do some sort of physical activity. Not only does it keep you fit, but can also help with fetal development or the childbirth process. Nature finds a way to look after things in every scenario. This is why an expecting mother’s muscles become stronger and more elastic during that phase.

7. Intake Of Walnuts And Fish Can Help With Baby’s Mental Development

Obviously, the virtue and benefits of these products can’t be denied. Rich in magnesium and protein, walnuts can lead to the strengthening of blood vessels and help the nervous system. Fish’s iodine content helps with the thyroid. Thus, there is no harm in adding these products to their diets. However, no scientific study has specifically shown that these products benefit mental development.

8. No Painting Those Nails Or Dying That Hair

During pregnancy, one can choose to look for the chemical composition of cosmetics more carefully than before. Chemical components like formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia, and camphor, among others, can be avoided until after delivery. However, modern cosmetics are usually of high quality and don’t contain harmful elements. So, expecting mothers can choose to use them.

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We are sure that you might have heard of more such myths regarding pregnancy. If you have any on your mind, please share in the comments section below!

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