7 Labor Myths That Will Leave Moms So Unprepared (And 3 That Are Actually True)

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Every expecting mother has a long list of preconceived notions when it comes to labor and delivery. These preconceptions can come from movies, TV series, or even stories one hears from fellow mothers. But, the reality is that no one knows what to expect, especially when it is their first time. There is no way to really know what an expectant mother’s body will go through during childbirth.

Many of these notions are just myths, even though everyone will like you to believe otherwise. During pregnancy, you already have a lot on your platter to take care of. So, filling your head up with these myths might not be a good idea. The best idea during labor is to listen to your body and go with the flow. Here, we bring you some of the common misconceptions along with the truth behind it:

1. Myth: You Will Have A Dramatic Water Break

While TV shows and movies constantly show woman breaking their water in public spaces, there are only a few women who break their water so spontaneously. At times, it is the doc who does the honors when a labor has been established with the help of an instrument that resembles a long knitting needle. Suppose it does break outside the hospital, it is essential to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

2. Myth: Natural Delivery Is More Painful Than C-Section

Most women believe that natural delivery is a lot more painful than C-section. However, this is not really true. Usually, a woman has to go through labor for hours before the doc decides for surgical intervention. By this time, the labor would have already strained the soon-to-be mother’s muscles. If you add to this a huge abdominal surgery, the option might not look as appealing. Also, the time to recover may take longer too.

3. Myth: Big Hips Mean Easy Labor

A woman’s pelvic size is independent of her hip size. And, it is the pelvic area that holds and supports a baby before its delivery after nine months. Truth be told, the concept of “child-bearing hips” is nothing but a myth. The hip size has no effect on the ease of labor whatsoever.

4. Myth: Want To Know About Your Labor, Ask Your Mom

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to prove this point. If your mother had a relatively smooth delivery, it may be tempting to think that you will have an easy one too. Other than the fact that you might have the same-sized pelvis genetically, there is no other reason to suggest that you might have a similar delivery.

5. Truth: Nature Might Call During Delivery

Before the labor, your body may often cleanse its digestive system. So, you might find yourself rushing (not literally) to the loo to empty the waste contents from your body. If you are given epidural during delivery, you may be administered a catheter to avoid any embarrassing “pee” leakage.

6. Truth: Stay Well-Hydrated Throughout Labor

The contractions during the labor might get comparatively less effective if you are dehydrated. So, it is a good idea to keep drinking as much water as possible through the course of labor. If you are in the hospital, you may be offered ice chips instead of water though.

7. Truth: Deep Breathing Can Really Help

Any TV show or movie that you pick, you would have seen the nurses and midwives requesting the expecting mother to take deep breaths. In fact, pre-labor classes often teach this too. Breathing may often help in bringing down the stress, pain, and anxiety during childbirth.

Remember that each labor is unique and it is alright to feel surprised along the way. Just keep doing your thing and go with the flow. You are an awesome warrior. And, no matter what surprise is sprung at you, we know that you will sail through. All the best!

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