6 Things You Secretly Wish For Before Your Delivery

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It is quite common for expecting mothers to wonder about different sorts of scenarios during their pregnancy. Of course, this pondering is generally out of curiosity. Most soon-to-be mothers laze around, spending their entire day thinking about the “big day” and how their little ones are going to be like.

Do you relate to this? Do millions of thoughts pop into your head throughout the day? Be it about the day you will get to hold your little one in your arms for the first time or how your angel will have the most adorable smile ever. In fact, you might even secretly wish for a few things to come true. Here, we bring you some of these wishes:

1. Will It Be A Baby Girl Or Baby Boy?

Though you might not want to admit this, you may have had a preference in your mind as to whether you wish to have a girl or a boy. If not right now, but this thought might have crossed your mind at some point or the other. You may have envisioned yourself as your son’s partner-in-crime or your daughter’s biggest confidante. In fact, the constant question regarding the gender of the baby may stop you from going on a shopping spree too. But, don’t worry, you will know soon. And once you know, you can plan everything for your little one exactly the way you have always imagined.

2. I Wish He/She Takes After Me

It is pretty natural for expecting parents to compare their genetic beauties, observing how one’s physical features triumph over the other. So, if you have beautiful eyes, you will also want your angel to have your eyes. And, if your husband has got the “good hair” genes, you will hope that your little one does too. These thoughts have crossed the mind of most soon-to-be parents. Trust us, you are not alone.

3. I Hope That The Delivery Goes Smooth

Almost every woman is scared of how it is actually going to be when the due date is finally here. Isn’t it? You may fear the time when reality strikes you with those intense labor pains. So, it comes as no surprise that you may have wished for the childbirth process to be as pain-free as possible. And, of course, smooth too. After all, it is your angel’s well-being that matters the most to you. However, keep your fears aside and stay calm. Everything will be all right.

4. Natural Delivery Is All I Wish For

The thought of a Cesarean delivery can still bring about a lot of scary emotions in women. Natural birth is what most women wish to have. But, no matter how the situation unfolds in the delivery room, don’t get worked up. At the end of the day, what is important is the beautiful feeling that you have once you hold your little infant in your arms.

5. I Wish I Can Retain The Weight Gained There

You might have gained some weight in the right places. Now that your breasts seem much “fuller”, you may not want to let go of that ever! However, in pregnancy, what usually goes up also comes down, unfortunately. But, this won’t be a worry once your baby arrives in the world. You will have many more things on your platter to take care of.

6. I Hope My Husband Is There To Hold My Hands

The minute you think of how bad the labor pain might be, you might wish for your partner to be there. To hold your hands or just to calm you down. The thought of being there alone might be a little scary. So, if you wish for him to be there, just check with your doc once beforehand.

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Do you have any other “secret” wishes that you can think of? Please let us know in the comments sections below. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone else!

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