6 Things That Can Prove Dangerous During Pregnancy

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The pregnancy guidelines that you received must have told you what you must or must not do to keep any danger at bay. You know what you need to eat and drink, the exercises that will keep you fit and prepare you for an easy delivery, the supplements that you might need to take and other precautions. However, there are quite a few things that your guide must have missed. Here are a few:

1. Stay Out Of The Hazardous Fumes:

OK, so that nursery for your child can’t wait. You are just too eager to prepare the nursery for the arrival of the little one. It’s ok to get the props ready, but if you think you are going to paint the room, just hold it off. The fumes that emanate from paints are not good for pregnant women, and you should avoid inhaling them, especially in places that have no proper ventilation. You could get the help of someone else to make the walls look complete.

2. A Hot Bath Might Not Be Friendly To Your Baby In The Womb:

It feels so relaxing to have a hot water bath. Although there is no need to fear warm water baths, there is a possibility that a rise in body temperature to 101 degrees or more can be a concern during pregnancy as it could lead to a drop in the blood pressure of the mother thereby depriving the baby of adequate nutrients and oxygen. It could, therefore, lead to miscarriages, weakness, and dizziness. The worse are saunas and extra hot baths during pregnancy. Organization of Teratology Information Services (OTIS) recommends that pregnant women maintain their temperatures below 101 degrees. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommend that pregnant women don’t let their core body temperature rise over 102.2 degrees.

3. Fruit Juice Might Not Be So Healthy During Pregnancy:

It might sound strange but fruit juices might not be good during pregnancy because of the sugar content in them. What you need to know is that eating fruits is always better than drinking juices as they are high in sugar and low in fiber. Therefore, they increase the blood sugar levels. Excessive fruit juice consumption might lead to gestational diabetes.

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