5 Healthy And Tasty Smoothie Recipes For Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy is not easy-going from the word go for a soon-to-be mom. She has to encounter many hurdles before she finally delivers her bundle of joy. Let us consider the first trimester, for instance. The morning sickness and nausea that occurs during this phase makes it really hard for an expectant mother to consume food. But eat she must, right? At such times, it is always better to consume food that is easy to keep down. Like soups or fresh salads. Or, some delicious smoothies. Yes, you’ve heard that right! Smoothies not only look good and taste yum, but they are also easy to digest. So, here are some quick smoothie recipes for a pregnant you:

1. The Refreshing Green Smoothie

Want something that’s not only a sight for sore eyes, but also refreshes you inside out? Then this recipe is exactly what you are looking for. For this, you’ll need:

  • Baby spinach – A small bunch
  • Avocado – A few slices
  • A small cucumber – preferably not peeled

Chop the above ingredients and blend them in a mixer. You can add a pinch of salt and a dash of black pepper for taste. Or go for a mild natural sweetener like honey if you prefer it sweet. Serve chilled.

2. The Red Velvet Smoothie

No, this one is not made out of the famous cake, but definitely a lot more nutritious. We bet you’ll love this iron-rich beetroot-carrot velvety smoothie. For this you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Honey – 1 tbsp
  • Pitted Dates – quarter cup
  • Small Beetroot (diced) – half cup
  • Carrot (diced) – half cup
  • Some water to blend

Blend all the ingredients together in a mixer to make a smooth paste. You can adjust the level of sweetness by increasing or decreasing the number of dates since beetroot too is naturally sweet.

3. The Apple-Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie

We all know that apples are rich in fiber. Yogurt helps in digestion, which is really essential during your first trimester. So, why not make a smoothie out of it. You’ll need

  • A whole apple with the skin – sliced
  • Vanilla-flavored yogurt – 90/100 gm (2 cups)
  • Coconut milk

Add the slices of apple and coconut milk first. Blend them in a mixer until the slices turn completely into a paste and there are no lumps. Finally, add the yogurt gradually to suit the taste and consistency you’d like.

4. The Ginger Zing Smoothie

This smoothie is a unique combination of tangy fruit flavors along with the zing of the ginger. All these ingredients make it an ideal smoothie to beat those nausea symptoms. Here’s what you need for it:

  • Ripe mango pulp or peeled slices – 250 gm (preferably frozen)
  • A teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Apple – about half of a medium-sized fruit
  • Water – as needed
  • An inch of ginger gratings

Start with blending the frozen mango along with apple and lemon juice. Then slowly add water to maintain a thick consistency as the smoothie will further dilute as the mango begins to defrost. Sprinkle the ginger gratings according to your taste. Best way to enjoy this smoothie is to sip on it slowly.

5. The Banana-Apricot Smoothie

Banana is often considered as an ideal breakfast accompaniment as it keeps you full and energized. The apricots give just the right amount of tanginess to curb your nausea. Combine this with honey and dates and you’ll get a power-packed smoothie. Here’s how:

  • Banana (mashed) – 2 cup
  • Apricots – 4-5 pitted
  • Honey – about two tablespoons
  • Dates – about 2-3 pitted
  • Milk – About one cup

Begin with grinding the banana, apricots, and dates to make a coarse paste. Gradually add the milk to get the right consistency for the smoothie. Once done, slowly add the honey to suit your taste.

We hope that these delicious smoothie recipes help you in beating those morning sickness blues and nausea. So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and start churning your favorite smoothie and enjoy it!

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Please note that some of the recipes contain nuts and fruits that you can be allergic to. So, make sure to discuss these with your doctor before trying them out.

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