17 Noticeable Symptoms Of Baby Girl During Pregnancy

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Little girls are adorable. Their giggles, innocent questions, care for you, and even tantrums make you smile and fill you with love. It is a beautiful feeling to have a daughter at home, which is perhaps why people long to have a girl child.

So, if you, too, are hoping to have a girl, you might be eager to know about the sex of your baby during your pregnancy itself. Ultrasound is the best way, but that is not the only one. MomJunction tells you about the non-scientific ways that our ancestors have been using for years to guess if the baby is a girl.

Signs And Symptoms Of A Baby Girl During Pregnancy

Specific signs indicate that the baby could be a girl than a boy. However, these signs do not surely tell you that you are carrying a girl:

1. Carrying high:

If you appear to carry your baby higher in the womb, then there is a possibility of birthing a girl. Also, if most of your baby’s weight is in the middle of the belly, it indicates a baby girl.

2. Morning sickness:

Excessive morning sickness throughout the pregnancy, irrespective of the trimester, could mean a baby girl. It is associated with increasing hormonal levels and low blood sugars.

3. Faster heart rate:

If your heart rate is high, i.e., 140- 160 beats per minute, you might be carrying a baby girl.

4. Oily skin and acne:

If blisters and rashes appear on your skin during the gestation phase, it could imply a baby girl. Again, blame this on the hormones.

5. Craving sweets:

If you crave for sweet foods such as chocolates and ice-creams instead of spicy or sour foods, you are more likely to have a baby girl.

6. Mood swings:

If you experience extreme mood swings such as irritability, depression, and anger during your pregnancy, you are probably carrying a girl.

7. Your sleeping side:

If you sleep on the right side for most of your pregnancy, you can expect giving birth to a baby girl.

8. Hair texture and glossiness:

If your hair looks thin and dull, it means that you’re carrying a girl while shiny and glossy hair indicates a boy.

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9. Urine color:

The color of your urine could indicate your baby’s sex. Dull yellow colored urine could mean that you are carrying a girl.

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