12 Facts That Prove Breastfeeding Is a Real Superpower

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Let us begin by saying that sitting down and losing weight without additional exercise is by itself a real superpower, and that’s precisely what breastfeeding can do. But its powers aren’t limited to just giving new moms back their figures after labor, it’s a force that has almost miraculous biological, physiological, and psychological benefits for both mothers and babies.

1-Women’s bodies change the milk composition to meet the baby’s needs.

Babies grow fast and are always in need of extra proteins, minerals, and vitamins depending on which development stage they are in or if they are fighting some sickness, like a common cold. That’s why it can be said that breast milk is “smart.” It changes its formula to meet the child’s needs. This can happen from week to week or even day to day.

2-It provides stem cells to the baby.

A growing baby still needs some help from momma to keep developing their body. Breast milk is key to this process since it contains live cells, or more importantly stem cells, which travel through the baby’s body to become part of their brain, heart, kidneys, or bone tissue.

3- It can make you lose weight.

Producing milk and breastfeeding is a tough job for a woman’s body. In fact, it can burn up to 500 calories per day, according to obstetricians and gynecologists. This is the reason why many new moms notice that they start losing weight after giving birth: They’re burning more calories than they’re consuming and losing some pounds without any extra exercise.

4-Mom’s body makes milk that changes its flavor and color.

The smell and taste of breast milk varies according to what moms eat, research suggests. This is especially helpful since they can expose their babies to different flavors over the course of the breastfeeding journey and make them less picky with food once they introduce solids. Plus, another cool fact is that breast milk isn’t always white, but it changes colors depending on the mother’s food and vitamin intake. You may find that some bluish, greenish, yellowish, or pinkish milk is on the baby’s menu.

5-It gives a boost to the baby’s IQ and memory.

Breastmilk can also help nurture smarter children. According to studies, the more a baby breastfeeds, especially in the first 28 days after birth, the higher the positive impact is on brain growth and development, which increases their cognitive abilities and boosts their intelligence.

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