10 tips to heal (correctly) the baby cord

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Baby just got out of the maternity ward? It’s time to take a look at the first great care you’ll have to give: cleaning the cord. Back to 10 tips for your baby to have a nice belly button on arrival!

To care for the cord is a meticulous task, to realize with the very precise material. Make sure before you start to have under your elbow:

– sterile compresses, an antiseptic based on chlorohydrin

– a drying product (eosin type). Do not hesitate to take stock with your pediatrician or the midwife who follows you if you seem to miss accessories for your necessities. Some products lose their effectiveness when opened too long. If possible, opt for disposable pods.

Put baby at ease

The body temperature of babies drops very quickly. It is therefore important to warm the room in which you perform the care of the cord of your child. In parallel, do not hesitate to spread a soft music and talk to him to reassure him. After the baby bath, impregnate a sterile compress with antiseptic solution and disinfect the base of the cord by pulling it slightly to lift it or using a cotton swab. Then dry with a new gauze. Everything must be perfectly clean and dry. Finally, run a few drops of eosin and let it air dry.


Guard against small accidents

Although cord care is completely painless for the infant (there are no nerve endings here), it is very likely that he tries to express his dissatisfaction. Rest assured, it is simply a reaction to the freshness of the products used. But if the baby is crying, do not hesitate to take the time to reassure him with sweet words and some small caresses.

Once the toilet and care are done, fold the edge of the diaper so that it does not touch the umbilicus (or use a specially designed diaper). In the open air, the cord will dry faster than if you cover it with a sterile compress. It is necessary at all costs to avoid that a small pee comes to water the umbilicus. If you have a baby boy, position his pubis down when caring for the cord.

Cord care should be done twice a day and every time the diaper is soiled to the umbilicus. If you notice oozing, redness, bleeding, or a strange odor while taking care of the cord, tell your pediatrician promptly. Your dog may have omphalitis.

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Continue to maintain it even after the fall of the cord Be sure to clean and disinfect the belly button for 7 days after the cord falls and check for any abnormalities. It may happen that the umbilicus does not fall after several tens of days. Continue to pamper him and do not forget to inform your pediatrician.

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