10 Things Your Husband Does That’ll Make Him An Awesome Dad

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5. Gets Nervous When The Baby Is Vaccinated

We’re sure you would have noticed this by now if your baby has already gotten the first vaccination shots. Your baby may have cried a bit after being pierced with the syringe needle. But your husband would be the one feeling the pain, much after the vaccination gets done with.

4. Always Tries To Rush Home From Work

No more late work nights for your husband. From reluctantly leaving for work to rushing home before the baby wakes up, he’ll leave you spellbound with his eagerness to reach home early. Something he wouldn’t have done in ages!

3. Balances His Social And Family Life Well

With late work nights out of the window, so will the late night-outs with his buddies. Your husband might have literally fought for his rights to stay out with his buddies on a weekend. However, your baby will change that single-handedly. He’ll now prefer the coziness of playing with the baby at home over those noisy parties. Not that he’ll give up entirely, but will surely cut down on them drastically.

2. Sings/Dances With The Baby

That loud music and crazy dancing would also become a thing of the past for him. Everyone loves to let down their hair and party hard once in a while. But for your husband, his idea of partying will now be singing to the baby or dancing weirdly – just to hear the baby laugh. Aren’t these moments priceless?

1. Will Always Kiss The Baby Before Leaving For Work

The baby’s first words, the first crawl, or the first steps – are all impromptu milestone achievements. Despite all his efforts, your husband does realize that he misses out on them by being away at work. But he still manages to create his own precious memories by kissing the sleeping baby before leaving home. This sweet memory is enough for him to last the entire day and motivate him to reach home early in the evening. Aww…..

Aren’t these reasons enough to believe that your husband will surely make an awesome dad? Do share this with him and see him already declare himself the best with pride!!

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